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"My primary intention is to engage the open hearted in a way that empowers them to see their inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life."

Tigmonk, is the pen-name of Tiger Singleton, who is an Author, Speaker, Poet, and considered by others to be a modern-day mystic (Someone in intimate communication with the source of Life). He works with groups and individuals on the subject of Self Inquiry, Self Embodiment, and Joyfully Living a Life that reflects the Heart's deepest Resonance .

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Your Heart’s Resonance

Engage the Miracle... You Already Are

Self Inquiry

Everything Points back to a constant deepening of Self Understanding

Self Embodiment

Allow the Truth of Life to be the primary motivation for all you do.

Conscious Play

Live unhindered as you let life move through you for the sake of Joy, Play, & Expansion.

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An Explosion of Love

Some Quotes...

The greatest gift you can receive, is to discover what you truly are. The greatest gift you can share, is the Love discovered within.


What I know.... Is that I don't know.  This is the whole point, silly.
Because I don't know anything beyond this moment, I don't have to obsess about it.
Leaving me free to see what is right here and now.
And This... On my.  This moment. Is a freggin Miracle.


Don't be a someone, just be what is.
Being a someone, requires the exhausting maintenance of a story.
Being what is, requires only what already is here and now.
Be what is real, and You will bloom with a sincere beauty
that is unmatched by any imaginary story of self importance.


Whatever conflict, limitation, or fear we hold in relationship against ourselves,
will by default be reflected into our external relationships with persons, places, or things.
Likewise, whatever Peace, Freedom, or Love we allow in relationship with our Self,
will by default be reflected into our external relationships with persons, places, or things.


Creation doesn’t happen on the surface, it happens within what you are and then gets reflected in the manifest world.  What you do on the surface is quite irrelevant, for the surface is only an illusion.  So if you are trying to solve manifest ‘problems’ while holding an internal emotional energy of separation, insecurity, and unworthiness, then the end result of your efforts with only show you more separation, insecurity, and unworthiness in some way.


I'm sorry for judging you. I'm sorry for needing you in a way,
that attempted to imprison you, and then blamed you for trying to escape.
It's all so silly, and it's all such a beautiful lesson that guides us home.


To resist your own naturalness, the sincerity of your heart,
is like a candle who refuses to be lit because it is afraid of fire.


Sincerity... is discovering what is true right now. 
Seriousness... is trying to solve an imagery problem.
Discover the sincere truth of You, in right now.
Let go of the serious you, that clings to problems not really here


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Conscious Life Design can be stated as... the lived Embodiment of Enlightenment combined with the Sincere Desire to Consciously Engage the Miracle You already Are.

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