No Words… Only Love


"My primary intention is to engage the open hearted in a way that empowers them to see their inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life."

Tigmonk, is the pen-name of Tiger Singleton, who is an Author, Speaker, Poet, and considered by others to be a modern-day mystic (Someone in intimate communication with the source of Life). He works with groups and individuals on the subject of Self Inquiry, Self Embodiment, and Joyfully Living a Life that reflects the Heart's deepest Resonance .

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What Happens in Satsang

Your Heart’s Resonance

Engage the Miracle... You Already Are

Self Inquiry
Everything Points back to a constant deepening of Self Understanding
Self Embodiment
Allow the Truth of Life to be the primary motivation for all you do.
Conscious Play
Live unhindered as you let life move through you for the sake of Joy, Play, & Expansion.

Get to Know Tiger… (45 Minute Interview)

Annika Dopping Interviews Tiger

Illusion of Fixing Yourself

Simplicity of the Sacred Journey

Moment of Emptiness

For a moment,
hear this sound.
The Essence of You
The wind of Now.

For a moment,
hear the song of You.
Not the dance of tomorrow
but a melody of what's True.

For a moment,
such as this
there is a beauty
in the stillness.
-No story
No ambition
just a moment
of bliss.

Can you not rest like this?

For a moment,
not a lifetime.
For in this moment,
can you sense the Divine?

No bag to pack
No story to maintain.
Just a moment of emptiness,
with a willingness
to dance in the rain.

Not in tomorrow,
but in right now.
Where are You,
If not in the center
of the storm cloud?

Remain, here.
Let Life move about.
Let the wind be the wind.
Let it carry away
the story of doubt.

For a moment,
such as this.
The Life of You,
just Is.

A Lover's Distance

Distance, is the disaster.
Space between lovers
carves a canyon
in the heart. Left
With two options. Die,
or fly to her from afar.

Joyfully crippled,
without my love.
She moves me in ways
that unties the knots
In my soul. Without her
I simply get twisted.

Next to her, I feel
strong and bold.

What does she give me,
that I don't already have?
Everything I am, you see.
This woman is the perfect
polarity, of the heart of this man.

She reflects my devotion.
Like the sky mirrored in the ocean.
Held by her, I see what is
so beautiful about life.

The presence of love,
that knows we all eventually die.

So, I will fly to her.
I will open my arms, while
I follow a flow -that pulls me inside
the depth of her stunning glow.

Immersed, in my love.
This is where all hearts
long to go; and now
I know. She, is
the gift surrendered to;
Finally allowed to go home.


She lays before me
The soft -naked skin of her back
Reflected in my eyes
Like jewels from an unknown island.

I gaze upon her
With a soulful hunger, of one
Who has lived alone a thousand years.
Waiting, for his queen to return
after she blesses the earth
and all her rivers.

Silently, my heart speaks.
Hands with oil, I gently reach out
and make contact in the center
of her core. This touch connects
my deepest sincerity to hers.

A welcoming, a gratitude, a love
nowhere else she has ever heard.

Without words, she intuitively understands.

Something about the soft strength
that flows through the fingers on my hands.
A touch that claims her,
and somehow
-she remains totally free to dance.

For the next… forgotten amount of time,
every centimeter of her skin
caressed, softened by a sensual motion.

This energy slides up and down the beauty
of her body; just as when white sands
are intentionally massaged by the ocean.

I can feel her soul tremble.
An opening within, any walls
already melted into nothing.

This touch, the purest melody.
All things satisfied, nothing
left longing.

The rest… I can not say.
No one can imagine this.
The entirety of these moments, too real
to be captured by words, symbols, or images.

Some Quotes...

The greatest gift you can receive, is to discover what you truly are. The greatest gift you can share, is the Love discovered within.


What I know.... Is that I don't know.  This is the whole point, silly.
Because I don't know anything beyond this moment, I don't have to obsess about it.
Leaving me free to see what is right here and now.
And This... On my.  This moment. Is a freggin Miracle.


Don't be a someone, just be what is.
Being a someone, requires the exhausting maintenance of a story.
Being what is, requires only what already is here and now.
Be what is real, and You will bloom with a sincere beauty
that is unmatched by any imaginary story of self importance.


Whatever conflict, limitation, or fear we hold in relationship against ourselves,
will by default be reflected into our external relationships with persons, places, or things.
Likewise, whatever Peace, Freedom, or Love we allow in relationship with our Self,
will by default be reflected into our external relationships with persons, places, or things.


Creation doesn’t happen on the surface, it happens within what you are and then gets reflected in the manifest world.  What you do on the surface is quite irrelevant, for the surface is only an illusion.  So if you are trying to solve manifest ‘problems’ while holding an internal emotional energy of separation, insecurity, and unworthiness, then the end result of your efforts with only show you more separation, insecurity, and unworthiness in some way.


I'm sorry for judging you. I'm sorry for needing you in a way,
that attempted to imprison you, and then blamed you for trying to escape.
It's all so silly, and it's all such a beautiful lesson that guides us home.


To resist your own naturalness, the sincerity of your heart,
is like a candle who refuses to be lit because it is afraid of fire.


Sincerity... is discovering what is true right now. 
Seriousness... is trying to solve an imagery problem.
Discover the sincere truth of You, in right now.
Let go of the serious you, that clings to problems not really here