You Can’t Always Be With Joy And Love Everything

You Can't Always Be With Joy And Love Everything

“You’re wrong Tiger! Life isn’t just about Love, Light, & Joy. There are real human emotions and sometimes Life sucks really bad. You can’t always be with Joy and Love everything!”

Life’s Love for you, is for you to know that it’s okay to express what’s within you. Life Loves you no matter what, no matter what you feel or how shitty you imagine life to be. The Love, is a complete allowing for you to be You. This is Love in its most true form, -no conditions, no expectations, no demands that you be any other way than you are right now. Only, complete, allowing you to Love everything.

The Light of this Love, is what shines through as you completely accept how you feel. The Light is what exposes all the ways in which we withhold love from ourselves and others, which is the source of any suffering or hurt we might experience. As you embrace your humanness, this Light begins to show you just how innocent you are, and there is absolutely no need to condemn yourself in any way. ALL of experience, is to serve this Light; that you might discover your beauty.

You Can’t Always Be With Joy And Love Everything! Joy, is the discovery that arises from allowing you to be the fullness of your human experience. As you allow Love in for what you are, Light shines on the truth of You -which is your inherent freedom to be authentic and sincere. In this sincerity, Joy arises as you recognize the true freedom that is already in You. Joy, to be sad. Joy, to be angry when anger is present. Joy, to experience the richness and rawness of what it is to be a human being on planet Earth.

Through all of this… everything you feel, is leading you Home to your most natural state of being. The more we allow ourselves to be authentic, the more we notice how beautiful we are in all of our diverse expressions, then the more we will be at peace with the present moment and thereby love everything. Life thanks you, for contributing with all your colors. Whether dark or bright, who you are, as you are, is a gift for all of Life.

There is ONLY – Love, Light, & Joy.
even when we forget that.

You are amazing.
you are… a fucking miracle.