You Are Worth It


Did you know, your physical reality is a mirror reflection of your internal reality?

I’m not talking about some sort of cute esoteric philosophy, I’m speaking to the absolute truth of human experience. Like… In the most real way, man.

It can seem like a magic of sorts, but really all magic is… is a physical happening beyond current mental comprehension. As you investigate the nature of self and reality, you see more and more that this ‘magical’ life is simply the natural & effortless way of things.

The insight, wisdom, and education I point to, is addressing a very real internal technology that is part of your human makeup. It is a technology that allows you to communicate consciously with the entirety of the universe. Like… For realz.

Fun analogy… It’s like having an iPhone but only knowing about the ‘call’ feature. You have no clue about the abundance of technology that can assist in making your life more fun and enjoyable. Imagine if some one told you… “Hey, did you know Siri can schedule reminders and appointments?” And you reply… “That’s not real, it’s too good to be true. Life can’t be that awesome”

Your unwillingness to see the possibility shuts you out to the potential of experiencing that possibility. However the technology still exists right there in your hand, but goes unnoticed and unused simply because the conditioned mind assumes its own perceived limits are true.

So when I tell you… Life is a fucking Miracle, and what you are is an amazing gift that’s able to co-create an amazing life experience full of a crazy ass amount of Joy, Love, Freedom, and connectedness with all that is…. Are you even open to that possibility?

Or do you believe the bullshit in the mind that says… No, I’m a limited creature living in a world where there is lack, limitation,fear, and victimhood.

If you feel financially broke on the inside, the universe with reflect this reality into your physical world. If you feel like a victim who is not worthy, then the universe will reflect this as well. You see… You are the one who creates, this is the gift of being human. However, societally, we have been conditioned to be little separate beings who have to struggle to survive. Who have to ‘work’ hard to make money, who have to sacrifice joy in order to pay bills.

And it’s ALL bullshit. Are you going to live your life based on the fear projected on to you by others? Or are you going to reclaim your inherent power and divinity while rocking the shit out of your Life; with an abundance of Love and creative energy that makes this world a kickass landscape in which you dance, play, and serve the miracle we all are.

You are worth it.