You, Are The One

You are the one

There are literally, an infinite number of circumstances or problems to protest against; everything from… the neighbor’s dog shitting in your yard, to some galactic battle taking place in another star system.

Is your argument serving the heart of you, or is it simply an opportunity for the ego to stand up and be counted as a someone who thinks they know something?

If you want to find a problem, you will find one. If you want to discover a heaven that exists right now where there is only peace, then this reality exists as well. Your world, is made up of where you put your attention. Just because an ‘idea’ might pass through the mind that says there is some major problem ‘out there,’ doesn’t mean it must be a part of your world. The potential for imagined problems is infinite.

You create it all, and your attention is the fuel that grows what you perceive. If you see your view, as a view that’s more important than the view of others, then you will create a separation between you and Life. It is an argument that says others should not be free to experience Life on their own, which is in direct conflict with the flow of life that grants freedom to all.

Salvation and Liberation in this Life will not be found by fixing problems, or changing the behavior of others. Salvation and Liberation will arise when you see clearly that you are responsible for everything that manifests within your world.

You, are the One.