You Are Amazing…Just As You Are


Hey there Lovely…

Just a quick note as you peruse your facebook wall.

You’re okay. In fact, actually, you’re amazing. Before the mind clings to any argument that tries to talk you out of this recognition, can I share a few things with you?

1. I know, without doubt, that you are doing the best you can. In each moment, what we offer up, is whatever we are capable of offering. Yes, it may seem that your past moments were lacking somehow, but can I suggest that given the circumstances of being a freggin human being, you did the best with what you had, and with where you were. I mean, really, if you could have done something better, you would have. Yes? If you had your hind-sight as present-sight, at the time, it could have been different.

However, that’s simply impossible. Since there is no life button called rewind, obviously the only rational thing to do would be to forgive yourself and appreciate the fact that you are seeing another way. In this, your past action might as well be seen as perfect, since growth would be an impossibility without recognizing such things.

2. Everyone who hates you, simply forgot that we are all learning, and your folly or life path, is simply reminding them to love their own journey. Also, it is giving you an opportunity to practice authenticity in your communication, since being yourself is what you crave. So if you feel led, it’s totally okay to attempt to communicate to others your folly or life path, and extend appreciation to them for showing up as they are.

Without them, without their reflection, you simply would never learn to stand on your own authority in complete love. So whether they hate you or love you, they are extremely valuable. They are perfectly imperfect, just as we all are. It’s totally okay to celebrate this. Likewise, celebrate the innocent and adorable insanity of our hate towards others, as if it’s not okay for them to learn just like we are, but in their own way. If you are still convinced that they are impeding on your sense of wellness, recognize that your potential for wellness does not exist in yesterday, or tomorrow, rather the potential exists only right now; and I’m willing to bet in this moment, no one is actually restricting the breath that allows you to be here.

3. Your future, is a mystery. It’s literally not suppose to be known, not suppose to be secure, it’s not suppose to play out like you think it should. No worries though, because this is the case for everyone. If we knew the future we would avoid seeing what scares us, we would avoid our insecurities, we would avoid the depth of what we are because we would side step challenge and obstacles that help us grow. The growth you’re looking for only happens when we immerse ourselves in the adventure, in the unknown.

The good news is, you’re still here. If you look back, there’s been a billion things to worry about, a worry that didn’t know if you’d make it to right now; and… well, you’re breathing aren’t you? You really don’t need to worry, just as life has already shown you a billion times, however you are allowed to. So no need to even worry about your worry. You can smile at the silliness of believing life won’t work out, since the punch line will always be, “Oh, I’m still here.”
Continue on my friend, continue on in your beautiful, cute, and playful way that sometimes remembers this, and sometimes forgets. Even that is okay.
All is well, and you are amazing.
just as you are.
<3 Tiger