Tigmonk Writings…


-Trust what? Trust that which touches the flowers in the spring, allowing them to open up so that they might see their own beauty. ….. Trust, isn’t an issue of […]

Gratitude Rises

Gratitude rises. Horizons on the move but going nowhere. Life shifts and remains still. A Knowing there is nothing to fear. What can be lost if I am out to […]

Mellow Heart

Mellow Heart My solace right now… A reminder, that in this moment… Life is blooming beautifully. ****** Mellow Heart I heard my heart cooing, Like that of a mellow bird. […]

Mission Of Kisses

You are the reflection of a beauty I’ve searched for, 1,000 lifetimes and then 100 more. You are the season that blooms without end, the reason I breathe a love […]

This Woman I see

How might I express to you the depth and brilliance of her beauty? How with only words can one describe the colors of infinity? Each ray of light, a flash […]

My Illness

2013 I have what some call an illness, only said by those who refuse to understand. I am giving over the breath of my soul.. to the heart of life, […]

Already Was

I am willing to die, I am willing to be cast aside. No need to become For already, have been I. Nonsense of… monumental importance. Lost in all of nothing, […]


There is a dance happening between the All and Not There is a romance unfolding within what I remember and what I forgot. There is a play in session a […]