Wisdom From My Dear And Well Traveled Friend


So lovely… wisdom from my dear and well traveled friend.

I read this, and it reminds me of my own path in that… no matter where I went in life, what I accomplished, what I gained, what I lost, it all proved itself to be irrelevant on the surface. Meaning, it had nothing to do with finding happiness, or finding something I was looking for.

In my experience, what I’ve come to realize, is the point… is to enjoy the walk. I mean, why not, if there’s nowhere to get to? If there is no Prize “over there,” then why not dance along the way, and let the ability to dance and walk be the prize.

Because of this, my focus is understanding how I withhold love and joy from being seen in the present, since I’m not going to find it in the future. If it’s not ‘over there’ somewhere, then it must be HERE; and I’m just not seeing it.

In this Journey, what I find is Love is never not present, nor is Joy lost in tomorrow. It is ALL available right now. Right Now. As we discover this deeper and deeper, the magic of life reveals itself in the most humbling and speechless ways. To the point… where I want to cry right now just writing this.
We want to believe so strongly that we are lost, that we are without, that we are tiny, small, and limited. We want to believe we are broken, disconnected, and surrounded by lack, limitation, and scarcity. And… (tear), it just isn’t True!

We are Magic. We are Alive. We are Here right now amidst billions of stars who all move in unison. Who dance the most poetic dance of Love, Discovery, and Joy. We are, that we are.
If there is nowhere to go… then go with Joy. Go with Love. Go with Sincerity of Heart, Mind, & Soul.

LOVE, you.