When The Light Shines From Within


When the Light Shines from within,

It’s like an explosion of Love that can’t help but to spill out onto those around you. There is no trying, effort-ing, or wanting, there is only a flow that directs every movement of your being.

When the Light Shines from within, it is a genuine Freedom that contributes to the sincere healing of Mankind. Again, without effort. Just as a cut on your arm heals itself when you Love it and leave it alone. You don’t have to try for this healing to take place, for it is a natural movement of the universe to Heal and bring about Wellness.

If you pick at this cut or scab, which is to resist it because you think as it is -is unworthy of Love, it only become irritated, infected, and delayed in its healing. Leave life alone, rest in Joy, and all things will heal in their perfect time.

You just be the fullness of the Miracle you already are, and Life will come rushing in to support you in the most magical ways. By default, your energy will assist in the Healing of all things around you.

<3 Only Love