When I Write, I Write For The One I am

When I Write

When I write, I do not write to another, for another, or as separate from anything. I only write to/for/from the one I am.

Every word, or sentence, has the perceived possibility of causing harm, however the harm is not in the words, but in the interpretation of the one who reads. This responsibility rests in the one who perceives, not in the one who is perceived as separate from the reader.

When I write, I read and reading what I write, is not to hear me, but it is to hear yourself. If it pisses you off, this is your own doing. If it liberates you, this is your own doing.

When I write, I share…I share for the sake of sharing, for the sake of allowing that which is most natural. I give the moment to the moment. In this,

When I write, I receive the fullness of the moment and the infinite beauty contained within. A beauty beyond a personal gain in some future idea; a beauty in being what already is. This is the freedom to be what you are. This is to authentically receive life, when we allow the naturalness of our inherent freedom.

*Side note: In this freedom, there is no intrinsic harm, because one does not feel caged or imprisoned. One does not need anything from others, so there is no need to take, withhold, or fearfully impose ideas of control.

All violence stems from feeling trapped within, which is a denial of one’s inherent freedom. In total allowing, one sees they are loved unconditionally, and there is no need to feel separate. In this space, healing is the only possibly result.