When I See A Teenager Lose His/Her Shit


When I see a teenager lose his/her shit, and freak out on everyone around them, what I see is a beautiful unfolding of being human. My heart offers encouragement, as they attempt to navigate a powerful world of emotions, feelings, and issues of self love.

We will always be with conflict toward young people (or anyone for that matter) if we take their actions or expression personally. In the example of parent / child relationship, the parent can view this freak out as a major threat to their self worth. Believing that this means I’m not a good enough parent. Plus the emotional roller coaster we observe in another, can remind us of our own inner conflict -which only adds fuel to the fire.

In the most innocent way, we separate ourselves from others when we take things personally. It is impossible to see someone for what they really are, if we are so determined to take up defense to protect an imaginary self importance.

In this… as we observe others in their pain, heartbreak, or rawness, there is encouragement to forgive completely. Forgive, because it’s not about you. Forgive, because there was never anything wrong in the first place. All is well.