When A Shitty Experience Take You By Surprise

a shitty experience

When a shitty experience seems to take you buy surprise, it’s oh so important to respond from the space what you know, rather than what you assume.

The conditioned mind has been convinced we should respond as if the impending doom we fear, is already a reality. However the truth, in the moment of now or the moment of shitty happenings, disregarding our imagined future, the only thing that has really happened is that the surfaced conditions have shifted slightly.

Ask yourself, is it true that I really know this is leading to something terrible? Is it possible that somehow this is leading toward something amazing, even though I don’t know what?

Before you cling to an emotional response to a shitty experience, make sure you’re responding to reality, rather than the imagination that assumes the worse.

Ya hurd me?!