What’s Your Concept?


The concept is the one that stands before you and blocks the light of truth. The idea that grips to a separateness that says you are not the creator of everything you experience.

Go slow here… dear one. For your creator-ship is simply how you choose to perceive whatever it is that arises in your world. What is the concept that says you are not in full power of this that there exists something ‘out there’ that is beyond the scope of your divinity?

The mind tries so hard in its personhood to disprove this. Looking for the slightest hope that hanging on to victimhood could still be possible. What does it shout out? What does it proclaim? And who is this one that is not also everything?

Is your concept that someone else should have acted different? Is your concept that life got it wrong? Is your concept that you need something you don’t have? On and on it will go, and my not-so-apologetic apology for call it out like this, but I do so for my own sake. Knowing that I only write, speak, and share to myself.

How adamantly are you willing to defend your heartbreak? Or is there a willingness to lay it and down and see beyond the mind’s confusion?

Is your heartbreak anything other than a thought that fears you’re not loved, supported, and infinitely taken care of? If so, lay it down, and see that you are all of these things already.