What Makes Loving Yourself Difficult


What makes loving yourself difficult, is trying to love something you are not.
It’s like saying… “I want to love my broken no good deficient self, but it’s too hard.”

Yes, it is too hard. Know why? Because thwat’s not what you really are. If you saw the truth of what you are, the miracle that you are, loving yourself would be the easiest thing you’ve done.

Quite honestly, it wouldn’t even be a question. It would be silly to even suggest that you’re not lovable; it is only because of love that you are here breathing right now. It is only because of Love that you’re able to read these words.

The path of this discovery comes by way of your own sincerity. A willingness to look at yourself with brutal honesty and see that you’re not really in control; in the way that you think you should be. It is seeing clearly that your life is a gift that’s only promised for this moment right now, therefore life is only asking that you allow love into this present moment.

Most of us are trying to secure love in the future; innocently thinking that if tomorrow doesn’t turn out a certain way, then somehow you’ll lose love. It’s like living in stress and anxiety in this moment, to ensure the next moment will -possibly- contain love and joy. How silly is that shit?

Forget your attempt to control tomorrow. For realz. Haven’t you had experienced where life just flowed, where doors opened independently of you trying to force them open?

There is a way of being, of living, of authentically existing where you truly don’t have to “try” to live life. There is a miracle at play, that invites you… 😳 to chill the fuck out and enjoy the present moment.
When life is lived to get to tomorrow, you totally miss the miracle of how truly awesome you are -in this moment. And… You miss the cosmic support that sincerely wants to move on your behalf.

Do you want to see your deepest desires manifest before your eyes 😮, without even trying? Then discover the magic of what you are. Discover how all of your problems don’t really exist in now, but are mental projections and fantasies about a tomorrow that exists only in the mind.

Let’s just handle this shit, so you can start living the Life you know you were meant to live. One where you fearlessly follow your heart, embracing Joy, Love, and the awesome rawness of being a miraculous human being.