What Do I Want From You?

what do i want from you

What do I want from You?

A dangerous question,
Because my answer
Will only leave thee
with a deeper longing
to rest closer to me.
If I speak from sincerity
The deepest truth
Of everything I am,

What I want from you
Is to be exactly
In the beauty
In which you stand.
Nothing to change.
Impossible to be more.

What do I Want From You

You are already the fullness
of everything I adore.
I want nothing
For you have already given me
Everything. Just the sight
of what you are…

A gift beyond words.
In the way that Life
has let me glimpse
such a Beauty
that inspires the song
played from the heart
of all the birds.

Sure, if you let me touch you,
I would. There is no doubt
I could please, but only if
you say yes from a space
that knows your soul is Free.

I don’t want to own
what you are. No control,
no effort make you withhold.
I only want for you freedom,
to dance in whatever way
Life unfolds.

How can I posses Your beauty
when each time I see you
There is a deep appreciation
that flows through me;
How selfish could I be
to call you my own?

All of Life needs your Love,
without doubt this is known.
No man can grip so tightly
to an angel who sings like you.
I won’t even try, you’re too
Beautiful. I know I would lose.

So with complete freedom
I let you go,
Only here to please you
When you say so.

What do I want from you?
I want You to be You.