What Are Your Beliefs About Money?


For it will shape your experienced limitation.

Life itself, in this moment is an empty landscape of infinite potential. Every imagined reality exists somewhere within many different dimensions of Consciousness. Your current reality, is simply one of a 10 billion, created and chosen by you -through your focus, attention, vibration, & frequency.

The way life sees it, is that there is no right or wrong choice of reality. None better than the rest, there is free will to create through whatever means resonates with the self. No judgment, whatsoever. No taboo. No condemnation, other than the condemnation that one dreams up within their own consciousness. For this too, is an option of experience.

The collective assumption of mankind, is that there exists some sort of limitation, or scarcity. Which translates into believing there is something to be lost, and one must protect and cautiously withhold what they have in order to make sure there is enough to go around.

For example… someone get’s $1,000, and then immediately the mind goes into a story about how this can run out, and it must be managed in such a way to make it last.

This perspective is not wrong. Hear this. It is simply a choice of perception, and because it is believed, you will se a reality where this seems really true. Life will reflect back to you, a reality where you are convinced it is true. However it is your own creation, and not an ultimate truth of reality.

What we then do, is project our reality of $1,000 onto other people and proclaim that our projection is the appropriate and best projection for everyone else. It is a way that we solidify or mask our own insecurities by trying to imprint them onto the life experience of others.

Rather, there is a liberation waiting to arise where we extend freedom to others to create as they choose, which allows ourselves to become open to greater possibilities. If you do not have this openness, and believe you know what is ‘right’ as it relates to money, then it locks you into the current limitation being experience.

Remember, it’s an infinite landscape. Infinite. There is no set structure other than the structure you project into the universe. You can experience a reality that’s full of limitation, fear, and scarcity, while your neighbor experiences a reality of infinite abundance with no fear, and yet you both share the landscape of 3 dimensional experience.

Do you see the miracle in this? Do you see the potential of how your experience is completely and 100% moldable? Even just a little bit?

All it takes is a little openness to begin investigating this possibility. This is why The School of Blooming is here, to assist in this blooming; to work with the open hearted and show them clearly how it is they are 100% responsible for their chosen experience, and how they can consciously begin to reshape that experience from the inside out.

You are… a %&!@ing Miracle.