Welcome To Earth



Welcome to earth. Feel free to look around and play in any way that allows for your heart to sing. No worries if something appears to be lost, it’s only making room for a new and much more deepening experience.

If you feel something that seems to take the shape of a burden, you have total permission to lay it down and return to a space of joy. The burden is just a reminder to play. We set it up that way, so it stings a little as a reminder to let it go.

Please explore fully everything you are, there are many beautiful things to discover about the miracle of you. Just remember, you’re Free. There is nothing in this dimension of experience that obligates you to suffering, or obligates you to be something you are not. No need to limit yourself in any way.

This experience is temporary, and all tomorrows are a mystery; therefore focus on Joy now, and don’t be so concerned about Joy in the future. All tomorrows will have everything you need to allow for profound discoveries and the embodiment of joy. This you can trust in.

All the gifts to be found in this realm, will be found within what you are. What you see manifest on the surface, will offer no real lasting value other than the temporary opportunity to play. So don’t take the surface condition seriously, it will change and transform just as quickly as it arose.

Take sincerely, what you discover within yourself. Hold strong to truth, sincerity, and love, for these things are always present and will never leave.