Waking Up To The Miracle


So, in life, as it relates to waking up to the miracle, -that is to see that you and life are in a loving dance that’s 100% in your favor, and you are the creator of your world… I would say this.

The very first step is recognizing deeply that any difficulty in life, -any problem, stress, anxiety, depression, or argument of any kind… Doesn’t actually exist in life, but rather is created in the mind as a response to fear. In this, if actually seen, you begin to loosen your grip on the external world. Which is to slowly let go of ALL blaming, of all attempts to say something ‘out there’ is causing me to be unhappy or making my life difficult.

This can be seem hard because even though we might be able to get a glimpse of that, we become even more fearful because then we feel totally out of our element. Like “what the fuck do I do now.” It’s like we see even more clearly how we are out of control, so we want to run to what we know or what is familiar, which is to blame. This is fine, you can do that, but it only reinforces limitation and suffering, so it won’t lead toward liberation.

Part of the journey to waking up to this miracle, is learning to trust the miracle. To do this, we have to stop relying on mental content, stop running toward fear and thoughts, and stepping back and saying… “Wait, there’s something more real than all this noise. Yes, I don’t know anything about tomorrow, about what I should or should not do, about what or who is right or wrong, I don’t know for certain anything other than… That I am here right now”.

As we do this, from deep sincerity, we start to notice something more powerful than the mind. It’s not something you can think about, it’s something that is alive and breathing through you in every moment. More real than any imagined thought. We then begin to listen to this, rather than the mind that is afraid.
This is the access point to tapping into the miracle. To let go of the mind, and trust the miracle. Trust that life is more powerful than conditioned fearful thought.

It’s a process though, my friend. A process of blooming, but that’s also the best part. Discovery unfolds, so be willing to unfold with it.

The School of Blooming is here to help  😉

You’re already awesome