Wake Up To The Beautiful Truth Dear One

Beautiful Truth

There are so many things going on…. in the mind. Yet, in this moment there is only right now. Right now is the beautiful truth.

I’m almost attempted to apologize for the simplicity of this; but only almost. Yes there seems to be so many important things to think about, and I mean to only think about. Rushing from one moment to the next as if something might be missed.

Yet still, I can not escape the beautiful truth that even though the mind scrambles toward a fearful fantasy, this moment right now is totally whole and complete. In this moment.

Do you see? Right now, the only thing that suffers emotional distress is an idea that you are not enough.

Oh my friend 😳
Oh my friend ☺️

You are not more or less, you are simply… having a dance. Not good, not bad, just the beauty birthed through your struggle and playful distress.

Wake up, to the beautiful truth dear one.

For you, right now, it’s only a dream that all is not well. Right now. Give in to the impossibility of knowing the surprises of tomorrow. Surrender any attempts to escape the present moment.

Yes, trust.
In what?
Right now.

Any argument to avoid right now, is to reach into thought that runs away from the present moment reality. Looking for a story or perspective that proves there is something to fear.

However, in this very moment. all is well.

The simplicity in this, is that you are already home. Even before you ‘think’ about it.
To talk about it, is to talk away from it. See?

No words are needed to reach right now, no thought can take you there. You can only recognize that it’s already happened, and it always has been happening… and it always will be happening. {Liberation}

This investigation is for You in your experience. Don’t “think” about other people’s experience, so much. This is about the world you are creating from within yourself. 

Wake up, to the beautiful truth dear one.