Unravel Your Spiritual Restriction And Play


It’s common for the one on a spiritual quest… to get all serious and shit. We start to see ourselves as something better than what we were, but in a way that comes with a judgment. When we do this, we start to see others as less than, while we try to force ourselves to remain ‘spiritual.’ Which only reflects a constipation of the heart.

It’s one thing to move with sincerity and devotion, but to move with a seriousness that believes your spirituality to be more spiritual than another, misses the point entirely.

For myself… the spiritual quest is about discovering the truth of being, discovering the ways in which we don’t allow ourselves to be free. Free in the way of not needing the external world to approve of our realness. It is not to adopt a persona of holiness, self righteousness, or spiritual perfection.

For many that I’ve spoken to, they’ve spent decades ‘trying’ to be spiritual. Only to discover with laughter, it’s all been complete nonsense. The liberation has been about seeing that All is Well, regardless of your lack of discipline, regardless of your failed intentions, and regardless of your inability to be emotionally stable. The instant we recognize this, in the present moment, a weight gets lifted that finally allows us to breathe.

We see our entire life of seriousness as complete comedy. All our effort-ing to become something more is now a cosmic joke. In the absence of this weight, we finally make contact with the authenticity of our beingness. Which quite sincerely, is absolute permission to be as you are. If this is so, we now can show up without restriction, without needing to be different. To make contact with this space, Joy becomes the preferred mode of operation.

Joy to be… You. However you shows up.

What we notice is that without restriction, without feeling imprisoned, violence toward others is of no interest, because there is now no more violence toward self. I mention this because one of the first things the mind will jump to, is that if everyone is just “free” to be themselves then there would be tragic and violent chaos. I would suggest that we have such things now, because people feel imprisoned within themselves, or within their mentally created reality.

To really be Free, is to let everyone be free. Which is to not need anything from anyone, beyond what life naturally provides. In this space, you naturally share joy as you see yourself and others as divine and perfect creatures.

So in your divinity, Play.

Let life play through you. Enjoy yourself, enjoy Others, Enjoy Life.
Spoiler alert… You might die tomorrow.

So let this moment be a celebration of the miracle you already are.
Love ya