Truth Prevails


No one ever attacks You, rather they attack their own confusion. In appearances, it can look as if they damage a body, reputation, or the like, but these are just temporary and never remain the same anyway. Their definitions or meaning, are all imagined.

What you really are, remains untouched and uncontaminated by the confusion of another.
Because of this, I don’t find any desire to retaliate or withhold absolute Love toward another who ‘seems’ to be attacking me. There is only compassion toward them, knowing they are in their perfect life lesson that will ultimately expose more Love.

The beauty is in seeing that the Truth prevails in all circumstances. Not truth in the way of right and wrong, but Truth in the way recognizing what is Real. (Which has nothing to do with ‘other’ people)
To see clearly that another isn’t attacking you, is also to see that any perceived ‘damage’ isn’t really damage, but rather an opportunity for the Real to be seen.

In this, I willingly surrender any imagined reputation, label, or idea to the discovery/recognition of this Truth. There is no story from the mind that can make the Real not the Real. There is no judgment that can remove Love, for a judgment only blinds the one who judges to the Love that is already Here, Complete, and Available to All.

SideNote: If you find that you are bothered by other people and their shenanigans, let it be an opportunity to investigate the movement within that wants to return judgments, or take up defense to protect an imaginary identity.

God doesn’t need defended, the Truth remains to be the Truth regardless of what you think about the Truth. So there is never a requirement/need to defend that which is everything.
How silly.