The Essence Of Truth Play

truth play

The Truth Play, is to see that it all happens within what you are. Not some of it, not part of it, but all of it. Everything.

If this isn’t seen, then for most the potential of it is an impossibility. The socially conditioned model of reality is that life happens to you, and you must respond to it as an outsider, as something that is separate from what is happening. As if you are not cosmically intertwined with all that is.

The truth play is as you begin to see more and more clearly that everything starts and ends within the One who is aware, by default you transition from the perspective of victim, to the perspective of conscious participant. This is where your genuine power begins to grow. Not a power to have power over others, but a power to not be divided within or separate from one’s most sincere desire.

The truth play is that there is an invincible quality or truth, to the reality of what is real about you. If you don’t feel it, if it doesn’t seem embodied within your experience, then it begs for your devotion. The pain we are with, the separation we feel, is an invitation to seek that which is real, true, and worthwhile, rather than running around in circles as a separate human being who must struggle to survive.

The opportunity is Real. Wake Up, to the Miracle You Already Are.