-Trust what?
Trust that which touches the flowers in the spring, allowing them to open up so that they might see their own beauty.
Trust, isn’t an issue of intelligence. It’s a matter of returning to your natural state of being. Simply, it is allowing yourself the freedom to be.

You are already Nature. Birthed through the fields, the forests, the rain. Already, you are home. Regardless of the form you take, you belong to life. You belong to everything.

There is nothing in this world that you are not family to. There is nothing that is not what you are.

That which does not trust, is not you. The fearful voice of separation -molded into an identity, fights for the survival of its imaginary existence. This, is not you.

The ocean does not fear the rain, just as nature does not fear itself. To trust, is to return here. Arrive, where you already are. Let go, of all that is not here right now.