Trust The Miracle


It doesn’t mean everything will work out how you think it should. It means you know that beyond circumstance, what You Are remains unaffected.

In everyone’s life, the surface condition will always shift about. There will be the appearances of unanticipated loss, expected gain, soulful hunger and illuminated birthing pains. There is no escaping this.

You can not run from the illusions of appearances, from the reality of up and down; for without both light and dark there would be no sunrise. Any path that looks to avoid reality, ultimately takes the long road to a destination that exists within the footprint of right now.

You -cannot- escape appearances, however… and hear this, you can escape the prison of suffering. You -cannot- escape the appearance of loss, however… you can remain with total peace about the loss. You -cannot- escape the reality of rain, however… you can make total peace with the rain by seeing its cosmic purpose.

The Miracle… is to be in sync with the purpose of all things; harmony among stars, all drops of water traveling a river of grace back to its source. Each journey met with the newness of experience, as if each water drop took in the reflection of life and brought it home.

All the while, losing nothing of what it is. Sure, at times, the reflection was scary. So scary in fact the droplet evaporated into the sky. Terror of such newness in form, unfamiliar with these surroundings like gravity was no more. Safety was found within the comfort of clouds, only to discover the crash of lightning days later. Thunderous booms clasping all sense of direction, vibrating the tiny ocean within our watery drop of creation.

The only fear, is that somehow water will not return home; it is like the wave that fears its own crash, or the suffering of Kings in ancient rome. No peace of mind when staring at the potential end of images, the demise of false thrones.

The Miracle, is that you are already home. You are already the ocean that touches every grain of sand and every sacred stone. Allow this to be so. Trust the miracle, enjoy the ride, and give your future over to the mystery of unknown.

The School of Blooming