This Woman I see


How might I express to you the depth and brilliance of her beauty? How with only words can one describe the colors of infinity? Each ray of light, a flash of gorgeous. The brightness in her smile, blooms in the air the sweetness of an alive freshness.

With every glance I can’t help but be reminded, the presence of her is a gift, an angel created within my heaven. I can hear her heart, -beat like the sound of waves crashing the ocean. Miles upon thousands of miles away, I taste her, and within my heart is an explosion.

Her skin, my favorite poison. It kills any concern that life is not absolute perfection. Colored only with radiance, the fairness of 3 goddesses merged into oneness. Only lacking all of nothing, every scar only adds to her unquestioned completeness.

Birthed as Gaia, giving life to every sacred tree. She sits, captivates, and truly takes gently -the breath away from me. Forced to observe for the sake of my own sanity, to look away would be a sin, locking my soul in a box of captivity.

This, is how beautiful she is.

My love, in this woman I see.