The Violent Storm Of Truth

Likewise… Life will give you what you don’t want, to show you it was never necessary to put your wholeness or joy in something external.

Ultimately leading to a deep recognition that you don’t need life, others, or things to show up a certain way in order for you to remain well in what you already are.

In the most compassionate way, even though it can seem incredibly cold and heartless, life will rip away your illusions to expose the truth of your own beauty, independent of what you imagine to exist “out there”.

It comes down to how devoted you are to the truth, or is your devotion holding on to an idea of the way things should be, which would only serve your imagined self from avoiding its imagined insecurities.

This is the violent storm of truth, this is the knife that cuts away the protective and unnecessary shell around the heart. The Truth can be both cold and hot, and everything in-between, it will never stay stationary in an image of flowery bullshit; an image that wants to avoid the fearful.

If you desire the truth, the real depth of what you are, then be prepared to lose everything you hold onto that isn’t real.