The Unchangeable…


It’s common, and in no way wrong, that the focus of spirituality is to become a master of having your life and internal state of being, look a certain way. The intent is to… essentially, be happy and fear free.

This is a great selling point, it ‘offers’ a solution to what it is you think you want; however it isn’t the point of embodying the truth of what you are. We think we want this, because it appears to be a way out of what we resist, or a way out of suffering, conflict, and all forms of drama.

This also leads to yet another great disappointment. We psych ourselves up and get really excited, and believe we’ve found the answer we’ve been looking for. It’s the classic game of motivation, you become convinced ‘temporarily’ that you as a person are in control. Even discovering that it appears you do have the capability to manipulate the manifest world, and therefore get everything you want.

Only to find out, eventually, again, that getting what you want is not the answer that leads towards a deep union with the truth of what you are.

It’s like the builder who finds a new tool, so now he can build faster, bigger, and shinier, only to see it was a distraction that avoided a deep sense of separation. Naturally though, as we’ve seen, this new house we’ve built isn’t the home for the heart we’ve longed for. In the same way, it’s like the new relationship, it seems to resolve our inner sense loneliness; but only temporarily.

I’m suggesting, or inviting the discovery, that there simply and literally is nothing that can happen externally that will satisfy an internal craving.

The external, is constantly changing. The truth of what you are, is Unchangeable. The concept of person, is an ever changing idea that offers no solidity. In this, the projection of you and everything you think you have or don’t have, is something that will always change and fall away. You simply cannot rely on it as a source of substance.

No matter the ideas, concepts, or belief about who you think you are, these mental creations cannot and will not root you in the experience of You.

There’s something deeper. Deeper than figuring out the mechanism of manifestation, and how you can influence or manipulate this system to get what you want. There is a realness to you that is unchanging; that is ever present, and emphatically untouched by the world of thought, time, and form.

It is this realness, that when touched upon, loses all interest in becoming more of an idea of something. In another way, it is the eye of the storm that lets go of creation, so that Life can be the miracle it already is.

There’s a magic that happens when the person in the mind doesn’t attempt to interfere with the present moment happening of Life. It’s a magic that has a cost associated with it though, and that cost is the person. However, this sacrifice of person ultimately shows up as no sacrifice at all because it is seen that the person is not really here. There is nothing real to sacrifice, there is nothing real to pay, there is only the dissolving of the unreal that exposes the magic of the real.

However this doesn’t avoid the pain associated with surrendering the unreal. This of course is the natural heartbreak of being human. The letting go of everything we thought we were, to see more of what we really are. It is the natural unfolding of discovery. We hold tightly to ideas of self, ideas of person, and then life seemingly rips those ideas away to expose a truth that we are not that.

One only has to look at their experience to see this. It is like the pain of resisting ideas of loss, so we hold on so tightly, and in our holding on the ripping away only becomes more painful. The truth however, is that the unreal has to go. The bandaid has to come off so that you might see there really isn’t a wound there. So you can see, that what you claim as your identity, your separation, is only limiting your experience.

In the space where there is no identification with person, no attempt to hold on to ideas, concepts, and all forms of ‘knowing,’ the dropping away of untruth is as effortless as the passing of each season. What much change, is allowed to change. What must fall away, is allowed to fall away. There is no idea of resistance that believes the sunshine to be more valuable than the rain. So one moves with the change, as they are rooted in the unchanged.

Only the person would argue that the day time should be more or less than what it naturally is, and that the nighttime is an inconvenience. Only the person would painfully resist that which is necessary, only in hopes it can remain to be an idea of person that was never really there to begin with.

Only the person, would want, what is not; because the person sees that what it wants, is not yet here. Which is to ultimately say, that even the person doesn’t actually believe in its person. For if it did, then it would not anxiously seek more ideas to add upon itself; it would not attempt to fix that which was never separate or broken.

So what am I saying? You are already what you are looking for; and life is already moving in a way that is for your highest good. The invitation is to relax into your naturalness of being, the naturalness that knows it is already connected to nature.

Everything the anxious idea of a person is trying to accomplish, is already done. It is like trying to breath, only makes breathing more difficult. Your breath is nature itself, you are nature itself; and in the reality of right now, you are the nature of everything. You are the universe breathing; and the only thing that resists this, is an idea of person that thinks it must prove itself worthy.

Proving yourself as worthy by adding more ideas, as mentioned already, is an impossible task. The self that is made of ideas, will always fall away. In seeing this, relax into the breath that allows you to be here. Don’t try and breath, just let life breath you. Don’t try and be alive, just be, and let life bloom from within you.

You are already, everything you could possibly desire.

Just be, and watch the magic unfold.

You, are the miracle.

You, are Love.