The Power of Silence… 3 Day Retreat in Portugal

UPDATE: We had to change the dates for this event weekend. It was to be a 3 day silent retreat, and now it is an All Day Yoga & Satsang Event on the 17th.

Rest, in stillness.  Relax, into your naturalness;
and Remember your most divine nature.  

Unravel the mind's obsession with thinking and speaking, while you gift yourself the opportunity to make contact with the truth of what you are.  This All Day Experience will include Yoga for all levels, Satsang (Teaching), Meditation & great food.  

Price is €40 for the whole day for local Portugues residents, and €65 for non locals.

The Power of Silence

(from Marta) The importance of a regular meditation practice lies in accessing a neutral space of observation, where we can see our mind patterns, and our egoic reactions; basically all disturbances of our minds. The opportunity of ​​a meditation practice or silent retreat, is for this space to "stay" available throughout our days, and not only when we decide to sit down and watch ourselves (that is just too easy, no?).

It's really during the day, in the middle of our regular activities and interactions with other people and situations, that these patterns come up in a stronger way. So there is the opportunity to really look and see what they are, by what they are: movements in the mind that create illusions about what IS. Consequentetly generating all the feelings of comparison, disconfort, effort, lacking (etc) we experience in this play of being human.

Being able to watch this play constantly without getting eganged with it, turning it into something real, is called disecernment - that's the point of meditation, to allow this constant discernement to be experienced, until only truth remains.

Meditation is the tool to reach the goal of yoga, "yoga chitta vritti nirodah" - yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind.

Local Residents have lower rates to reflect local prices.

Locals - €40

Non Locals - €65

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Written Testimonials

Satsang with Tiger is a rare opportunity to open and surrender into the sincerity of our ever present true nature. Through the grace of satsang I opened into receiving and embodying divine love, love that is beyond ideas of personal identity, love that is always and all ways present. Satsang feels like the ultimate homecoming where I can rest in the divinity of all things.

~Libby Kinsela - Australia

I fail miserably in describing with words what this retreat with Tiger ment for me. It goes sooo beyond words. How to describe the love I feel? How to describe the space I'm in? How to describe the newfound joy of going on a journey of endlessly discovering mySelf? How to describe the limitless appreciation and gratitude that is in my heart for Tiger, for the people and life itself? Don't get me wrong - your shit will come up and there will be moments were you might want to quit but: the freedom you feel at the other end is all worth it!

~Sonja Nartz - Sweden