*The Origin of Emotion*


The Origin of Emotion is very simple… the internal response to stories about the self, believed to be real. The closer the story points to what is true about the realness of you, the more enjoyable the internal response. The further away the story points from what is true about the realness of you, the more painful the internal response.

Emotion is a movement of energy, a collection of raw human intensity that builds up within what you are. There is no escaping its flow, and there is no psychosomatic manipulation of emotion that can prevent its ultimate release; we can only delay it. The real and only resolution to emotion, is to see it for what it is and gracefully allow it to fulfill its function.

The only difficulty we face with emotion is in our confusion of its purpose. In our confusion, we tend to add insult-to-injury, as we believe the emotional un-wellness is an indicator of unworthiness. This blinds us completely; this brings about a rejection of emotion and by default a rejection of what we are. In the space of self-rejection, we completely ignore the miracle of emotion and turn away from the valuable guidance it has to offer.

As we reject what we are, what we experience are ongoing cycles of painful emotional patterns. The patterns simply repeat by default because we are not seeing the guidance presented that invites us to move onto the next phase of our expansion.