The Non-sense Of Non-Duel ‘talk’…


It’s a common experience that as I share, people will make comments or send messages about how it ‘isn’t totally true’, or that I’m forgetting something, or that I’ve only got it half right. Blah blah… ::pukeface:: derka derka

It’s coming from a space that wants to cling to the concept of non-duel teachings. For example, playfully, I’ll make comments about ‘others’ and someone says… “there is no other, so you’re not totally right.”
(no, I’m not talking about you -the one who’s taking this post personally)

It’s simply a teachable moment that reminds that I’ve wanted to address this topic. My enthusiasm comes from once being in this space, of wanting to identify with this or that, and believe that I actually knew something. Which is totally normal and natural for one to go through as we open our eyes to something deeper. So no judgment, just love.

So quick we might become to proclaim what is and what is not, while unconsciously trying to knock someone down or raise ourselves above them.

For my own experience, what I noticed in this space was the absolute irrelevance of what I was saying, or attempting to hold up as truth. Real Truth, is not something that can be spoken, or written, because this all must filter through a perception that’s tainted by conditioning; and always will be.

What I’ve discovered for myself is that the Truth, is whatever flows in the present moment of reality. Not the concepts we imagine in the mind about what is true or not true. In this, it is (playfully) more spiritual to look up at the stars, then to talk about an enlightening experience of yesterday. It is more spiritual to laugh or cry with a friend, then it is to talk about how your friend is not being spiritual enough.

In this… I’m not trying to “get it right.” I’m not trying to make sure you understand me. I have zero concern if you believe me, because I don’t even believe me. I know that everything I speak about and write about will never touch the truth from which it is birthed. It’s like the eyeball who tries to see itself, it will never happen. All that can be see in a reflection in the mirror, which is still distorted by story and interpretation.

In this, the mind can never actually comment on truth, because the mind comes from truth. It cannot turn around and see itself. Just as you cannot find the self in the mind.

The moment you begin talking about the non-duel, is the moment you stop the connection with the realness in-which it points to.

So, as I let all this go. Every effort to ‘get it right,’ or to make sure I’m understood, what I arrive at is the playful nature of reality that allows all. If all is allowed, and there is nothing to fear, what arrises is this playful nature you observe. This nature that really seems to not give a shit about your agreement or disagreement. You see? Because getting this approval isn’t why I’m moving in the way that I do. I’m not moving for ‘you.’ I’m moving for the sake of truth, which is to allow myself to be natural, and sincere, and loving, because these things feel the best.

We only move with tension and restriction, because we are with a fear that believes we will lose love if we don’t get it right; or we need someone else’s approval in order to be whole.

If we are already whole, then how would we move? If we had full permission in the present moment to be natural, what would that look like. This is the Truth, this is what we seek, the authenticity of what we are.

Already home.
aka, Tigmonk