The Mental Shit Storm


Maybe we can’t let it go, because life is asking us to look. Maybe there might be a deep pain that begs to be seen, and trying to avoid it or let it go is only a movement of fearful hiding.

This has become popular, to use spiritual language and acrobatic word play to think our way around that which seems very real and internal. This is the trap of spiritual insight that remains in the mind and doesn’t move into the heart.

The mind hears the insight and then the ego wants to use it as the ultimate tool to support a more subtle version separate personhood. That ‘person’ is the one who now thinks they now know. This person thinks it’s been figured out, and can now make sense of the mental landscape while invalidating the pain of fearful emotions; not only in the self, but in others.

All the while this misses the heart of the matter. It fails to see that the pain of others, is still the pain of Self. It fails to see that the suffering of others, is still the suffering of the One. This you cannot get away from. The point isn’t so much to liberate You while others are lost and feel painfully alone.

Maybe… The point is to recognize liberation as a whole within yourself, and then hold loving space for others to see it within themselves. To disregard the pain of others, is to avoid the hidden pain within the self. For if we cannot see their pain, as our own, it shows us where we fail to see ourselves fully.

Naturally, I can only speak about this from personal experience; and it kills me a little bit to see where I have ignored such pain in myself and others, but this is the path. The opportunity is to grow in a deeper clarity, a willingness to look where once we simply could not see. So there is also a great innocence here, not just for self but for everyone.

This is where insight moves from the mind into the heart. To remain only in the mind, is a dangerous landscape when it comes to profound insight, or all concepts of enlightenment. It also though, is what can naturally happen and is its own appropriate learning.

I say these things as a cautionary tale, to not believe you know something if that knowing invalidates the heartfelt experience of self and others. Knowing something in the mind isn’t knowing reality at all. It’s only the beginning of a much deeper exploration.

Don’t stop at the level of mind. If you do, it will become a mental shit-storm that only ignores life. Fiercely look into your heart, and see that others are yourself.