The Greatest Compassion


The greatest compassion I’ve received in my life, is from those who weren’t willing to agree with my state of victimhood. There was an extension of freedom that said… “you can feel that, you can believe that, you can hold on to that, and that’s fine; however, it’s not what you really are.”

In my troubled state of being a victim, I can see how I would seek out others who would validate it with me. I wanted to sit next to other ‘victims’ and share in the suffering so I wouldn’t feel so alone in my struggle. This was helpful in some ways and damaging in other ways, but the real breakthroughs happened when I was willing to be open to the possibility that I was wrong, about everything.

As much as it might suck to hear someone speak words that sting our ego’s attachment to personal pain or deficiency, sometimes it’s the most compassionate action to wake us up to a life with Joy.

In Addition: There are some people in this world that play the role of alarm clock, and some who play the role of a snooze button. The alarm clock is what wakes you up, even though there can be resentment toward its sound. The snooze button allows you to rest, however it’s possible to sleep through the goodness that’s waiting to shine.

Both the Alarm Clock and the Snooze Button are equally valid, and both can be an expression of compassion.