What Is A Chaotic Mind

chaotic mind

What is a chaotic mind?

When the mind becomes chaotic, it’s trying to do one of two things; which is actually the same thing.

1. Trying to avoid rejection of who you are thought to be.

1. Trying to gain acceptance for who you are thought to be.

Essentially, the mind is working to solidify its sense of self separation. The mind is looking to protect the self being held onto in the mind.

The comedy of this, is the mind spinning around a self that isn’t really here. The pain of this, is believing the self can be accepted or rejected.

The mind chaos ensues, only because the observer of mind feeds the thought energy in its quest. Clinging to one thought, leads you into another. Believing one thought, validates the next thought. The result is a messy mind.

The solution is to see that the answer for a chaotic mind isn’t in thought, the solution isn’t to have better thought. The solution, is to see that the thought isn’t really speaking about what you are, it’s speaking from a conditioned mind that’s convinced there exists a self that is separate; so it looks.

The more you want to be a separate self, the more you will engage mental content to protect this mental fantasy of you not being one with everything.

If we believe what we are is a concept, thought, or belief, then by default we will fear thoughts that jeopardize this image. In this fear, we move to protect the image, which is to engage the battle of thought vs thought. It’s like when someone insults you, and you counter the insult by protecting the polar opposite; anxiously saying… “I’m not that, I’m this!”

The insult, whether from another person or the chaotic mind, means nothing until you identify with it. If it affects you, then there’s identification with thought in general. Which is totally fine, it’s not wrong or unspiritual, it’s just an invitation to see the pain that comes with holding on to what you are not. The pain -invites- you to let go; but it’s not require or expected in anyway.

Through self inquiry, one sees that what they are could never be touched by thought. One sees that the thought matters not, because ultimately the thought isn’t commenting on anything real. Positive thought or negative thought, is still just thought.

As one releases their grip on manipulating thought in order to protect an imagined version of self, then thought naturally flows in a way that supports the sincerity of the One’s heart. The thought doesn’t move to support a separate person, it moves in support of the present moment experience of the whole. (The “whole” is, the present moment reality of the one who is aware; which is the entire universe for that one.)

…when the mind know you are no longer afraid of its content, your chaotic mind will leave you alone.

In love for what you already are