The Artist


The artist sings,
not to be heard.
The artist will dance.
And time no longer turns.

The artist
Creates the moment,
The artist
Cares not who knows it.

To be the one who carries a paint brush
Is to be the one who lives a life un-rushed.
Always ready to stop and see
Always ready to stop and be.

At the moment creation unfolds
is the moment we merge
becoming one with the story being told.
A true artist,

Melts deeply in his creative expressions.
Living with an awareness
that knows his gifts as a force
– a presence that cannot be reckoned.

We are the artist.
Life of course our canvas.
We are always engaged with presence
As our being shapes the world around us.

Dance for the dance,
be present so you can be here.
Let go of outcome, of tomorrow
-And paint a life as if there is nothing to fear.