Taste the Sunrise


It’s like when your nose tastes the sunrise
The air is calm, the moisture is heavenly.
With each breath gathered,
You embrace a scent of all that is lovely.

You feel the sun,
As if your soul is inside out.
It touches you, within
Leaving no questions to doubt.

With a grin, -for what sayeth thee?
When one finds himself with something
that can not be described.
-No misery, no panic

No sense of ‘me wanting’ to go run and hide.
What is that sound,
You can hear in the trees.
The soul starts dancing,

And it’s the end of any argument living within me.
Have you not been in this complete state of awe?
Where the ‘me’ disappears with no questions that call.
No lingering what ifs, No wanting of more

Complete satisfaction with no thoughts in your core.
When will you return,
to this place of serenity.
Where whispers are heard,

And life lived pleasantly.
Where no arguments become form
Because you’re okay being free.
It’s no longer necessary to control,

Or protect the silly ideas about your ‘me’.
For who are you,
When you forget your name?
For who Am I

Are we not the Same?