I get all giddy inside when I hear this word. It speaks to the falsehood of any judgments we hold about what is real within ourselves and society.

For my experience, that which I’ve labeled as taboo in the past, has turned out to be a doorway of deeper connection with myself and others. I grew up in an environment/culture where many things were taboo, and much of what felt natural and sincere was labeled as a sin. Which of course meant, if I even thought about such things then I might as well plan on going to hell.

Homosexuality for example, was engrained in my system as something to be feared and rejected. Consequently I withheld love from others out of fear that I would go to hell if I didn’t reject their life choices. Now, today, even though I’m completely heterosexual, I have many good lesbian and gay friends who unknowingly teach me a great deal about life and love.

I get to have such profound conversations with people about the authenticity of being human, and discovery more Joy when we embrace our natural flow. This of course results in amazingly deep connections with others as well.

This constantly invites me to explore my own taboos that say I can’t be my natural self, and follow Joy in my own world. And yes, it completely goes against the standards set by our western society that would have you act in a way that doesn’t make other people feel uncomfortable. HOWEVER… What I’ve discovered for myself, is that when other people make me feel uncomfortable, they are really exposing judgment that I have for myself. It’s like exposing my own darkness, and the anxiety is a fear of what I really am. So I say THANK YOU for making me feel uncomfortable. Thank you for being your authentic self and showing me where I withhold love.

It’s becoming more and more clear in my world that it’s okay to make others uncomfortable when I’m following the sincere and natural flow of my humanness. It’s actually a tremendous gift. This is what transforms the world, is people, is YOU, being what you really are.

I find for myself, that I am incredibly unique in my talents, gifts, interests, & presence. However I also see that I am the same as everyone else, in that we are all incredibly unique with our own flavors. My light shines brightly because I rid myself of the taboos that hide within. I empty myself of any judgment I have toward others or my own expression. This has been the path that allows for this light to shine.

I see so many more areas in my life where this light desires to shine brighter, and yes it scares me a little. But that’s the point. The fear is the judgment that says others won’t accept me if I expand, or embrace more of my own rawness. The truth in me wants to stare that fear in the face and say… “Fuck you fear 😆. You’ve been wrong every single time. I don’t need other people to accept me, I only need what I already am.”

You are invited to rock the shit out of your own life. It starts with embracing what’s natural and sincere within you.
No judgment. Only Love.