Tiger in Stockholm Sweden

Tiger Singleton in Stockholm

October 13th - 15th (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

In a last minute dash (with 1 week notice) we made arrangements to come out and hold space for profound life discovery in Satsang format.  I (tiger) will arrive Friday afternoon of the 13th, and stay until Monday morning of the 16th.  We've organized in total 5 events for those three days, and have secured a venue that allows us to comfortably seat 25 people.

We do recommend booking your tickets in advance, as there's a good chance we could sell out of seats.  If you would like to pay via bank transfer and not use the form below, please use our contact page to reach us, and you send you that information.  

Consider Yourself Officially Invited

  • Friday - 7pm to 9pm | cost 225 kr
  • Saturday -11am to 2pm and then 4pm to 7pm  
    • Cost 380 kr per session | or 725 for All Day
  • Sunday -11am to 2pm and then 4pm to 7pm
    • Cost 380 kr per session | or 725 for All Day
OR..... Get an All Access Pass for 1,300 kr 



Interview in Sweden


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Satsang, is a sanskrit word that means “a meeting with truth.” It is an opportunity to investigate the nature self and life, while connecting deeply to source of all that is. In Satsang with Tiger, through sincerity, grace and unconditional love, he connects to the collective heart energy of the group and shares a message that resonates with the authenticity of our human experience. 

The difference in Tiger’s sharing as noted by many attendees and students, is that Tiger doesn’t position himself as an authority on any subject or as a teacher. He carries a depth of humility that knows his offering is like that of a bird's song. He simply moves in the way that life moves through him, and if people find value, this is their own doing. Tiger simply shares for the pure enjoyment of sharing what he loves; what he gets in return, is the freedom to be himself. 

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