Surely I Will Cry Again

Surely, I will cry again
I cried once.
And then many times before that.
Surely, I will cry again.

My Heart, there are times it is soft.
Surely, it is not meant to only be strong.
When I cry, I allow.
When I cry, I learn somehow.
When I cry, I am.

I laugh at this because I’m a man?
No. I laugh because of joy,
knowing I cry because I can.
Surely, I will cry again.

The weeping, is not a weakness;
but a surrender to what is.
I give the moment of now, to itself; fully.
It desires to cry, so I let be and surrender my fears.

If the moment shall adore joy,
I let it be. Why?
Because I am free.
It is not the mission of emotion,
to sustain a common ground.

For if I am sad, wanting to be happy,
I miss the “I Am” and live as a distant sound.
I am not a collection of what should be felt,
I am what is felt this hour, this day.
Surely, I will cry again.

What hurt is greater,
than not being who you know you truly are?
The silent you, the you that is.
Not the you, who tries to control every star.

The you who is free,
free to fully be the expression of what comes.
The you who is now, not hiding from the sun.
The you who knows, that the “I” can not run.

Be still. Be what is.
Allow the release of the moment at hand.