Sunset Behind my Eyes


Response to a question…
What’s it like to see life from behind your eyes?

What Might it be like
To carry the fate
of a wandering
mystic with a
Romantic taste?
The soul of one
Who travels poetically?

Slow down…
Don’t read so fast.
This is the beginning
of how life bloomed
a sacred path.

The poetry of life
Is a dance that includes both sides.
The sweetness in my eyes
Is the embrace of everything.

What you Love so much
In what you see, is simply,
a freedom to be with the lovely.
To recognize the obvious symphony.

There is not that which is not sacred.
Each movement of the Heart,
Exists with total equality.
Love…. For the human being,
is the most powerful expression
within the human capacity.

Why not choose accordingly?
Fear of what.
It’s not a question.
What you fear isn’t real
It’s only an imagined opinion.

Your only opposition is you;
the story of a voice
conditioned by a society
Living without love
and competing in irony.

Believing a lie twisted
Within itself,
As if love can be gained
only after it is withheld.

So, you wait to love.
I do not.
I do not withhold love from love.
Do you see?
I live with an awareness
that knows I do not know

The appropriate reason
For not loving equally.
Everyone. Same as me.
Sacred, with a heart
That longs for unity.

I simply give way
Allowing the grace
to guide me.
Wrapped in a normal life
the gift of being human.

Living like everyone else
Just minus the illusion.
Who says I cannot love,
who says I cannot dance.

Where is the chain that
prevents, the blooming
of such a romance?
Here I Am.
The heart wants to love.

All that I am must surrender
to the breath.
For the beat of this melody
Will die if not for this
Movement of the divine.

All… Is for the Play of Love.
This is the sunset
that rests behind my eyes.