So Classic…


So Classic…

On Friday I got an email from someone who wanted to schedule Month long coaching and in their application mentioned the following… “Relentless guilt for feeling as though I am never good enough, nor living up to my full potential in all senses of the word.”

I was stoked to get into this with them, then this morning I got an email that essentially said… “Sorry, but on Saturday I saw that you posted a picture about grinding coffee and not buying it, you must have been talking about me not committing right away, so I was incredibly turned off. I’m not interested anymore”

In my reply, I noted how this was a great example of how the mind projects situations to reaffirm why you’re not worthy, through taking everything personally. Suffice it to say, we are back on schedule for coaching.

This is so incredibly common, where we become bullied by the mind’s obsession with taking everything personally as it declares the self as a victim and not worthy in some way.

In this, we are constantly moved away from real opportunities that desire to move us closer to liberation. You have to be willing to see beyond this mental commentary and to see from your heart. As this becomes more refined, you’ll notice that nothing really stands in your way. You are Free.