Sharing Love With You


More than ever, am I excited about the potential of sharing Love with you.

So open is my Heart, to surrender to this flow that appears to be asking that I continue to follow my highest joy… Which is to share deeply meaningful and practical Insight & Wisdom – in fun and playful ways.

I’ve been Sharing Love consistently for about 7 years now… All within a very small circle of influence, as I find zero interest in the “business” side of this sharing. Marketing, organizing, and growing. Only doing what I can on a small scale.

To be honest, my interest is in doing what I enjoy, and if that means sharing with only a small audience… I’m 100% okay with that. However, as the audience grows, I see the playful need for more organization and focus in the realm of management and growth.

I’ve been trusting for years, that when the time is ready, those people who can help and support, will show up beyond my personal will to make anything happen. I see this happening now.

With the -No Words- video, that mildly went viral… 250k views, it has brought many new hearts and eyeballs in this direction. Humbled am I, as I observe life “doing it all.”

I really just want to thank you. Thank you for your openness to hear. Thank you for caring so deeply about the truth of your human experience. Thank you for your words of encouragement asking that I never stop sharing love and doing what I’m doing.

and… Thank you for sharing this work that flows through. This is the biggest thank you I can receive from you. The act of sharing love so it spreads like wildfire. Not just on Facebook, but in blogs, emails, etc. it’s really fun to see.

There’s infinite potential here for us all to affect a meaningful impact in our world, individually and collectively.

The farther this sharing spreads, the more I’m able to share. More support, equals more of my time I’m able to point in this direction.

I still manage an unrelated company I started about 6 years ago, and the money made from there, is what allows me to travel and share oinsight as I have thus far. It essentially finances all things Tigmonk.

However I feel this deep pull from life, asking that I prepare to let this company go, and allow myself to be supported by a community of people who feel my heart, and know that what we are doing is needed in our world today.

I’m not attached to this outcome, just sharing what I sense. I’m open for whatever.
It is a little scary though as you can imagine. Which is the exciting part that peaks my interest. Letting go of a company I built that allows for a very nice lifestyle, and trust that life will provide regardless. I love these opportunities to deepen my trust in the universe.

I really don’t know how it’s all going to go down. I just know that I’m overjoyed with the journey. Even more so, because of the comedy I see within that knows I have no clue what I’m doing. Lol.

I’m just following the heart. With trust, sincerity, and love.

I smiling right now, really big. It’s like I just want to give you everything I am, so that you might see more clearly this miracle I speak of. So that this miracle might touch you in ways that open you up to the heaven we have been gifted on this planet.

There is a vision in place that will allow for a global sharing, on the ground and online, giving you access to real-life insight and education from a playful perspective. I’m very excited about it. How cool would it be to have all these daily videos organized by topic online and easily accessible, and not just Facebook. Or to have all the videos transcribed in writing and in different languages.

Right?! And so much more.

Not to mention the expansion of my current work with teaching in a high school. (Self Love & Conscious Life Skills). Oh my goodness. So many activities that add value and share love. Lol
It feels really good to share this note with you right now. Thanks for taking the time to hear my ‘personal’ heart space.

So much Love for you. Sincerely.

Thank you, for what you are. And thank you, for showing up in the ways that you have.

You inspire me.
aka… Tigmonk.