Self Expectations


I question the validity of my self expectations. For they insinuate I know what is best for myself and others.

What the mind sees as ‘best’ is often times the avoidance of pain, the avoidance of looking where I’m afraid to look, and the avoidance of my actions that might seemingly upset others.

However, when investigating the substantial growth periods I’ve experience, everything I was avoiding -sooner or later violently begged to be seen.

It’s so easy for the mind to conjure images of how life is suppose to be, or how I am suppose to move, but in the end, there is the reality of what is.

This reality, rarely ever matches my mental demands of pain-avoidance, or manifest-manipulation. What I’m given, always, is a reality that invites me to let go of what I think I know, and surrender to a deeper unfolding. An unfolding, that always touches the most real sense of what I am.

-thankful spirit