Tiger in Seattle

Join Tiger Singleton (Tigmonk) as he revisits Seattle and shares insight at the famous East West Bookstore for 2 Nights of Events, and additional upcoming events to be scheduled soon.

Thursday - September 1st, 7pm to 8:30pm - $20
Satsang with Tiger Singleton ( Tigmonk)
East West Bookstore
Explore the Nature of Self & Life.
Following the Heart, with a Courage to be Your Self. 

Saturday - September 3rd, 10:30am to 1:30pm - $60
3 Hour Workshop with Tiger Singleton ( Tigmonk)
East West Bookstore
The One Relationship; Connecting with Self, Others & All of Life

More events coming soon. 

45 Minute Interview with Tiger


What to Expect at These Events

The format in which these events are held, can be characterized as playfully casual, with an invitation to be deeply sincere within yourself. Tiger shows up with an openness that allows for a spontaneous flow. His talks or sessions, are never planned out in great detail, and are predominantly a mixture of Tiger sharing insight, Q&A, guided mediation, and sometimes group discussion.

Many come to just listen, and rest in the space that's created; others come to ask questions, which always seem to be a question we all have, and there's never a requirement to participate in anything other than just listening, or being.

Laughter, Joy, Relaxation, and Sincerity can be 4 words that adequately describe the experience of sitting with Tiger.

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