In Satsang, part of the playful intention is to destroy myself as your teacher. For you to see, that I only share what I see in myself, and if it helps you, then this is your own doing. It’s important, not only for you, but for me as well.

I really don’t like the attention of being a teacher, or being seen as someone with the answers, mostly because I know my life will not live up to the expectations created by such a facade. I’m human. I’m learning. And sometimes I fail miserably.

Why share then? Because what I see, is beautiful to me; and there is a sincerity that knows others who will enjoy seeing it with me. We see it together. Even in my perceived human failure, I see a beauty that holds space for it, a love that allows for me to fail, learn, and move on. Only bringing me closer to Truth, Love, & Wisdom in an experiential way.

It’s very common for people to assume that just because I can speak of it, that I must totally have my shit together. This isn’t the case at all. However the mind does this to keep the egoic self broken; the mind wants to see another as more of something, so the ego self can be less. Then, ultimately, chastising the image of the teacher they have created because they didn’t match the projection being clung to.

I can’t escape that game being played, I see it happening all the time. All I can do, is remind of the truth, that I’m just like you.