Satsang Events

Upcoming Events!


May 16 - 22nd 
Stockholm Sweden 
Series of Satsang Sessions in and around Stockholm

May 24 - 25th
Copenhagen Denmark 
Two Days of Powerful Satsang Sessions


May 27th
Utrecht - Nataraj Dance Party and Satsang 

May 28th 
Velp, Gelderland
All Day Satsang & Yoga - Life As Your Master Guide 

June 1st
Amsterdam - DINNER | SATSANG | &
The Romantic Poetry of Tigmonk

June 2nd 
Amsterdam - Open Satsang 
De Nieuwe Yoga School 7pm to 9pm

June 3rd
Eindhoven - Nataraj Dance Party and Satsang - 7pm

June 8th
Exclusively RAW - Dinner & Satsang
Only 8 Spots Available for this Intimate Evening.  

June 9th
Amsterdam - All Day Satsang/Workshop 
De Nieuwe Yoga School 11am to 5pm 

June 10th 
Amsterdam - Nataraj Special Event 
Tigmonk & Dave Stringer

PORTUGAL - All Day Yoga, Satsang & Meditation
June 17th - with Tiger & Marta


June 19 - 26th 
Iceland - Series of Events

19. júni 9.00-12.30
Tomorrow´s Leadership, Harpa
19.000 kr
Forsala fyrir 15. maí
25% afsláttur 14.300 kr.

Sértilboð fyrir hópa.
Hafið samband

20. júní 19.00-20.30
Kvöldsatsang, Reykjavík

21. júní 19.00-22.00
Satsang, Reykjavík
6.400 kr.

22. júní 9.30-14.30
Satsang-ganga úti í Náttúrunni
10.600 kr.

23. júni 19.00-20.30
Kvöldsatsang, Akureyri

24. júní 10.00-16.00
Satsang, Akyreyri
26.200 kr.


Þér er velkomið að bóka einkatíma með Tigmonk á meðan hann er á Íslandi, 18. til 25. júní. Þú bókar og færð sendar tillögur að tímasetningu. Bókaðu tíma sem fyrst því það er takmarkað framboð.
29.000 kr.


July 6th - 9th
Natural High Healing Festival
Multiple Workshops

We had to cancel all UK and Scotland Events
Do to not be able to get an visa extension.  

July 12 - 18th
United Kingdom (U.K.)
(Tiger Singleton UK FB Group) 

July 12 - Bournmouth 
Conscious Life Design; It's Already Done

July 13th - Plymouth 
The One Relationship; Open Satsang

July 15th - London
St James Piccadilly - 3:30 to 5pm
The Nature of Self & Life; Open Satsang

July 15th - London
Dinner with Tigmonk - 6pm to 9pm 
Limited space 
Nikki Lewin 0797 227 6196

July 16th - Berkhamsted 
Nature Walk & Talk with Tigmonk
2pm to 4pm 

July 17th - Liverpool 
The Nature of Self & Life; Open Satsang

July 18th - Congleton 
Conscious Life Design Workshop
4pm to 7pm. 

SCTOLAND July 20 - 27th

July 20th Edinburgh
Open Satsang - early evening 
Nikki Lewin 0797 227 6196

July 20th Edinburgh 
Dinner with Tigmonk - 6pm to 9pm 
Limited space 

July 21st - Findhorn 
The Nature of Self & Life; Open Satsang

July 22nd - Findhorm
Conscious Life Design Workshop 

July 23rd - 26th 
3 Day Retreat - Highlands Scotland 
The Embodiment of Truth; 
the great merging of humanness and divinity. 

August 5th 
All Day Satsang Workshop
Mark Your Calendar - More info coming soon.  


August 26th - Sept 3rd
Portugal 14 days of Yoga, Satsang, Music & Dance
An Explosion of Love Retreat with Tiger Singleton & Friends

Come for 3 days, or come for all 9
Lodging and Camping Options Available 
Most Inexpensive Tigmonk Retreat to Date


The Embodiment of Truth
With Tigmonk, Marta Coias, & Reggie Riverbear 
December 13th - 23rd , 2017
15 person capacity 
Satsang, Yoga, Meditation, Music

Satsang Testimonials

Interview with Tigmonk

Satsang with Tiger is a rare opportunity to open and surrender into the sincerity of our ever present true nature. Through the grace of satsang I opened into receiving and embodying divine love, love that is beyond ideas of personal identity, love that is always and all ways present. Satsang feels like the ultimate homecoming where I can rest in the divinity of all things.

Libby Kinsela


I fail miserably in describing with words what this retreat with Tiger ment for me. It goes sooo beyond words. How to describe the love I feel? How to describe the space I'm in? How to describe the newfound joy of going on a journey of endlessly discovering mySelf? How to describe the limitless appriciation and gratitude that is in my heart for Tiger, for the people and life itself? Don't get me wrong - your shit will come up and there will be moments were you might want to quit but: the freedom you feel at the other end is all worth it!

Sonja Nartz


Sitting in satsang with Tiger is an amazing way to be taken by the hand and shown the Truth in a non-dogmatic, compassionate, sincere and down to earth way. Tiger's use of words, the softness he radiates and the wisdom he shares gently peels off every layer of bullshit that has become our identification in today's world and leaves you with a space that allows for total and utter freedom.

Patrick Meijer


Tiger Singleton for me is balm for my Soul...balm for my Being...balm for my Mind... like one giant sigh...a sigh-satsang...saying All is Well...All is I express myself better  through Movement I believe my Dance could entail fiercely soft moves with some funky spices...Thank you Tiger for sharing so a degree of clarity I never came across before... <3

Carlotta Persson


Satsang with Tiger is an amazing experience! Tiger made me realize that the person in me believes all the shit in the past and the fears in the future. None of that is true in this present moment. The only reality is now. Life is always taking care of me in the right way in this moment. No worrying just trusting in the beauty I already am. This was my second retreat with Tiger and I think I am a Tigerjunkie now.

Willemijn Temming

Being in Satsang with Tiger.
How to describe and to explain an experience, that is beyond any words? An experience that keeps me seeing the world and myself with kindness, gentleness, compassion and loving eyes?
Being in Satsang with Tiger… Is merging with the beauty of rice fields growing in the distance.  Is being the bird’s song. Is hearing the gentle whisper of life.
Is the loving embrace of every single moment.  Is a kind dance with all colors.  Is meeting the stillness of peace in its essence.  Is an endless sigh of release.  Is the softest touch of truth.  Is returning home.
Is a joyful waking up after a long, deep sleep. Is becomming the breath of life. Is the falling away of any question.  Is knowing without knowing.  And is holding loving space for sadness, anger, fear, desperation.
Being in Satsang with Tiger…. Is all of this.And still is none of all that.
You only can discover for yourself.
My deepest appreciation, my biggest gratitude to Tiger and to Life that flows so effortlessly through him to find it’s way directly to one’s core of being.
With all my heart. Thank you.

Janine Landtwing