Said Playfully…


There is a profound freedom in seeing that it is more truthful to say… “I Love”
Rather than… “I love you”.

(However in no way am I suggesting you change your ways of expressing love to another, I’m just making a playful observation).

“You” in the statement “I love you” can easily become a ‘condition’ or an expectation. Which means I love you as long as you stay with me, or behave in a way that doesn’t make me afraid.

If we say “I love you” and then in the back of our mind know that we could fall out of love if the landscaped changed or the person changed, then I would playfully suggest that this isn’t real love.

Why? Because conditional love isn’t really true love, it’s an expression of fear that attempts to hold onto another person for the sake of masking their own insecurity.

Just like when a parent says to their child… “I don’t love you.” The parent sees the child as doing something that exposed an internal wound of self deficiency. Same can be said with a lover of any kind.

None of this is said to proclaim anyone is doing it wrong. No silly. It’s said playfully so we can begin to see the ways in which we withhold love from ourselves.

If we take our love, and proclaim the source of that love is “out there” in another person, then we give that person the perceived power to then make us feel like we lost love.

Yes! Give your love away, freely and abundantly. However…. Don’t ever buy into the nonsense that another person is the source of that love, or you will always carry a hint of fear that someday you might lose this love. Which prevents your moment to moment experience from truly being Lovable.

For how can you every truly love NOW, if you are afraid that tomorrow might not have enough love? Notice the anxiety that hangs out in this moment, afraid of the next moment. It all has to do with love, and the fear that it can run out or be lost.

This is only be experienced, from the perspective that the love we feel, is sourced by something other than what we are.

Discover how you are the source of ALL love, and you will never be afraid of losing it again.