Relational Blindness


I call it… Relational Blindness, when we repeatedly look to another to show up a certain way that doesn’t match their authentic movement. Ultimately it just leads to flat out heartbreak as we continue to judge them for not living up to our expectations.

This speaks to also understanding love languages. We can love and love and love someone, however if it doesn’t resonate with their love language (how they prefer to receive love), then to them it can seem as if you’re not expressing love at all.

I would suggest that often times this arises because we are trying to force a relationship dynamic, rather than letting a connection happen naturally and without effort. It’s a common experience for a human being to ‘want’ a relationship over the reality that ‘this’ relationship might not be in alignment or is no longer serving it’s original purpose.

Sometimes, it’s wise to just recognize the innocence in it all and see that maybe this doesn’t need to be forced, if we are aren’t naturally vibe’ing together. There can be an intuitive sense here, that’s more sincere than just wanting to bail on a difficult situation. You’ll have to check in with your heart on that one.