Random Midnight Confession: My Top 10 Favorite Life Experiences


1. Looking into the Eyes of my Daughter and seeing the Divine. Holding her, as if she was an angel who chose me to protect her/guide her as she fully remembers her own divinity.

2. Sharing (through speech) Deeply Profound Life Insight that exposes a profound internal Love, Joy, & Freedom.

3. Staring into the eyes of a woman and without words telling her how beautiful she is, regardless of what her mind thinks. Not sexual.

4. Hugging people and transmitting a profound peace and love with a silent energy. There is so much I feel and transmit that is beyond words anytime I touch someone.

5. Sexually touching a woman’s body in a sincere manner that melts away any sense of insecurity, fear, or deficiency. Pleasing her soul, heart, and body in unison to allow for a deep and earth shattering connection with joyful pleasure and self acceptance.

6. Writing spiritually themed erotic poetry that is playfully inspired by the sight of a woman my soul is attracted to. On a deeper level, this is the divine speaking to the divine, about opening up to allow for the full experience of embracing desire.

7. Writing in general from the depth of my own sincerity. Sometimes taking the form of poetry. Ultimately exposing the miracle we all already are.

8. Cooking for others in a way that I can infuse the energy of love into the food and experience. Each moment of preparation is birthed by a crazy amount of appreciation and love for their Beingness.

9. Being Alone, Enwrapped in my own divinity as I know without doubt that I am completely whole and connected to everything.

10. Allowing myself to follow the naturalness of my joy, regardless of society’s taboos, fears, or insecurities. Breaking tradition or status quo in favor of heartfelt sincerity of being the rawness of my humanness.

My full embrace of these expressions, contribute to the abundant flow of love I experience. I do not withhold. I completely throw everything I am into the moment as I completely honor what is showing within me.

It is simply the authenticity of what I am; and just like you, there is no need to apologize for it, or justify it. It is a gift that life waits for you to unwrap.

The real you, is the most natural you. All else is a fear that’s afraid of being rejected. Which is impossible, for life already accepts you. That’s why you’re here. To be what you are.