Quite Sincerely, The Point


Quite sincerely… if we sat together, I could tell you all the secrets of the universe. I could explain with elegance the mystery that lies before us all, while exposing the answers to all of life’s most profound questions.

But I ask.. what is the point? All of the answers point back to one thing. If all of your questions were answered, if all of your doubt was gone, what then would you be left with? Of course, you would still be left with this that you are, with this that is, right now.

You see, the answers to life’s deepest questions, ultimately say this with profound clarity…

Why is Life this way…? So that you can be here right now.

Why did or does this happen? So that you can be HERE, right NOW.

How do I heal? Remain Here, see what IS, right now.

Why are there stars? So that you can be here -right now.-

Why is there violence? To maintain the balance of Now.

Why? So that you might be here, right now.

The Point Being…

Life’s gift, is not about some future special moment. Life’s gift, is right now. If you cannot see the miracle in this moment, it is because you are looking for a miracle in some future idea,4 expectation, or mental construct.

This life isn’t about finding a prize, it is about realizing You are the prize, You are the miracle – and this Moment is the fullness of You.

However you cling to arguments that say You are not whole. You cling to arguments that say this moment is broken.

These arguments with Life only arises because you cling to an idea of self that is not a real self. You look for an imaginary self that is separate from life, but yet such a self does not exists. Thus, pain arises when you cling to non-truth.

Why? So that you might be here, right now.