**Q&A w/Tigmonk**


**Q&A w/Tigmonk**
• Student: What is the Point of Life?
• Tigmonk: What do you mean by ‘Point’?
• S:) I don’t understand the purpose of my being here. I mean, here I am in this life having all these experiences, and yet I can’t really find any meaning to it all. Especially after hearing you speak about the illusion of the thought and the mind, it’s like I can’t figure it out any more.
• T:) I’m going to ask you a question, however I don’t want you to answer so quickly. I don’t even want you to look to your mind at all, at first. Ready?
• S:) Yes, I am.
• T:) What is the point of your own breath?
• S:) (Silence, student begins watching his own breath)
• T:) Now you can answer.
• S:) It seems as if I am breathing, so that I can be here.
• T:) Where is here?
• S:) Just, right here and now. It’s as if my breath is giving life to this moment. Without it, I wouldn’t be. So it allows me to be.
• T:) In this here and now without looking to stories in the mind about past and future, is there anything about this ‘being in now’ that is wrong, missing, or out of place?
• S:) It just is. I am just here. It doesn’t seem to be anything other than simply being. Everything else is an image in the mind that I seem to superimpose onto the simple presence of being.
• T:) So the realness of Being, is not missing anything. However you can, as you say, superimpose an idea of something missing. What happens when you do that?
• S:) I feel like I’m missing something. I feel like I have to get somewhere other than where I am, in order to fix it.
• T:) In your effort to understand the point of life, you are implying that the point is not happening right now. How does that feel?
• S:) Anxious, sad, and lonely.
• T:) How did you feel when you investigated the point of breathing?
• S:) I felt complete because I saw the purpose of the breath as already fully functioning. The breath wasn’t missing anything, it was already doing what it was purposed to do. I actually really enjoyed that feeling.
• T:) What is the Point of Life?
• S:) (Huge smile and tears from the student) For me to be what I already am.
<3 Cheers, to the Beauty You Already Are