Q&A w/Tigmonk-Celebrate Gratitude


• Student: Is it true that life is a celebration, and if so, what is it exactly we are celebrating?

• Tigmonk: To celebrate is a choice that is chosen because one sees something worthy of gratitude. So in answering your question, I must ask you what is worthy of gratitude?

• S: Well, lots of things I guess. But I have to ask, what about all those things that are not worthy of gratitude? Are you saying I should ignore the things in this life that I do not like, or even hate and despise?

• T: This is such a great question. This is not what I am saying, that you should ignore these things. However I will also say that yes… at some point you should ignore certain perceptions of things.

• S: I’m confused.

• T: Good. Let’s start from this place of mystery. Tell me something that you mildly dislike, hate, or despise.

• S: Freaking bee stings! I got stung this morning while walking in the grass. I was totally minding my own business while enjoying a peaceful space, then I got stung on my foot after stepping on a bee. I did not want to celebrate that. lol

• T: In that experience, what was it ‘actually’ that you didn’t like about the experience of being stung? What was the overall problem that leads you to believe it’s not worth celebrating?

• S: Hmmmm. 2 things come to mind. Firstly, it reminded me of when I was a child and got stung multiple times and cried a lot. So there was anger there. Secondly, I found myself being pissed because I was really enjoying the moment I was having, and the sting seemed to interrupt that. I remember even thinking toward the bee… ‘you little fucker.’

• T: How much of your anger or discontentment, was actually caused by the bee in that moment? Did the bumblebee make you think about your past and therefore cause the anger? Whose choice was that? Likewise, who choice was it to not be at peace anymore?

• I hear what you’re saying. I can see that the problem was totally created within me, and actually the bumblebee didn’t have anything to do with my ultimate choice of how I responded. In losing my peace, I can see that I what I dislike is the idea that I wasn’t able to stay peaceful. Wow, so what I hate in a way, is the judgment I had for myself for how I responded.

• T: Why are you smiling so big?

• S: Because I see the silliness of my response toward the bumblebee. I see that there isn’t any blame for what happened, and actually, I see that what I thought happened didn’t actually happen at all.

• T: Do you see how your smile is a celebration that now has gratitude for something it thought was not worthy of gratitude? Yes, you do. It’s apparent to everyone that can see your smile right now.

• S: Yes, yes.

• T: This is the case with all things, and most importantly the case in point with what you are. Your question of “what about all those things that are not worthy of gratitude?” will always point back to the things you feels about your self that is not worthy of celebration. Just as the bee string pointed to your judgment toward the self.

• S: I see that now. In a way, I can see how all things are worthy of gratitude, if all things are pointing me back to a deeper love for what I am. What I notice about this discovery, is that I’m learning how okay I am, regardless of what I imagine to be happening. Like with the bee sting, I imagined myself to be a victim somehow, and what really hurt was not the sting, but the idea that I lost something.

• T: Yes, Yes, Yes…. Cheers, to the Beauty You Already Are!